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Fume Extra – Unicorn

Fume Extra – Unicorn

The Fume Extra Unicorn disposable vape is the newest flavor. Fantastic unicorn flavor includes Ice cream and strawberries. try this amazing NEW flavor and you won’t be disappointed.

Fume is one of the top-selling disposable vape pods in today’s market. In addition,  these amazing Extra devices come with 1500 puffs of pure Ice cream taste. The device also comes with 6ml e-liquid capacity and 850mAh life battery.

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Unicorn Fume Extra 1500


  • Capacity of Battery : 850mAh
  • hits Count: 1500+ Puffs
  • The Size of the device is: 6ml
  • Strength of Nicotine : 5.0%

Best Fume Flavors

Fume has more than 30 flavors the following are the top-selling flavors. Also, fume extra has more than 27 flavors you can choose. A variety of flavors that you can at least find a few flavors that you will like. The device is sold in all smoke shops and you can also order it online.

What’s included in the shipment 

Any selected quantity you choose.

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